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In only 15 years, Hanoi will be the mega-cities, comparable to the financial centers Hong Kong

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In only 15 years, Hanoi will be the mega-cities, comparable to the financial centers Hong Kong

 "Hanoi strong, country will be strong", the Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said in Hanoi events of 2016 - Cooperation and Development of investment takes place 4/6 morning.
According to the Minister Dung, Hanoi after 2030 sets a target to become a super city (mega city).

With the rapid pace of urbanization and the increasing population, in less than 20 years, Hanoi will achieve a super-city scale. Hanoi will build satellite cities from model center to border, reduce population pressure and congestion in the downtown area.
The development with city 5 satellite cities will open to investors in the field of infrastructure, transportation and real estate. Besides, Hanoi may consider developing 5 satellite cities as City of Science, City Finance, Services..., connected through the downtown area, which complement, support mutual development assistance.
Second suggestion of the Minister Dung of Hanoi must become green and innovative urban. Must determine orientation green growth for the city, promote creativity in all fields, particularly in science, management, development of R & D (research and development), business incubators.
"There is such, Hanoi to catch up the general trend of the world, catch up knowledge economy", Minister Dung said.
Third, Hanoi deserves to be at the heart of the country in many ways. Hanoi is the city must take the lead to implement the policy of the Party and the State, in the first 19 and 35 of Resolution of the Government on administrative reform and investment.
"Finance is the blood flow to the enterprise, economic, Hanoi is the heart, the blood supply to enterprises in Hanoi, for the whole country. This center to develop comparable financial center of Hong Kong, Singapore, "Dung expectations.
Fourth, Hanoi must develop to become a city of peace and friendliness. City of Peace is a prerequisite for sustainable development, which is the first factor for investors to determine the long-term laid the foundation of investment in the country.
About the friendliness, look beyond, to develop friendly culture of Hanoi. How to help businesses operating in the city can feel at home, working in his city. This is an important factor to attract investors.
According to Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung, Hanoi expects 2020 will be 200,000 more businesses are established and operate . Plus 180,000 existing businesses, Hanoi will contribute more than 1/3 to 1 million target by 2020 now that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc proposed.

Hanoi strong, country will be strong. The goal of Hanoi after 2030 will be a super city. The capital will be a financial center like Singapore, Hong Kong's financial center. Hanoi is a special city, the center of the country in all aspects, including politics, economy, culture, education, and also the economic hub superlative trading. Hanoi is also the place of headquarters or branches of corporations, large enterprises, financial institutions and international organizations.

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